International Underwater Photography Competition “IMASUB” 2014

From 16 to 21 Junio 2014.

Place Cuba Guanahacabibes National Park, province of Pinar del Río.

The morphology of the seabed in the Guanahacabibes National Park features a fascinating landscape formed by vast expanses of white sands and unique rock formations known as cabezos or mogotes. However, the most impressive features are the extensive dark blue coloured cliffs and the variety of caves, caverns and tunnels, with their vestiges of times gone by. 

With its crystalline waters which permit a visibility of up to 30 meters at depths of 25 to 30 meters, the seabed offers sharp contrasts which are ideal for underwater photography. 

This will be the setting for the IMASUB 2014 underwater photography competition, which is open to photographers from any country. The only entry requirement is to comply with the event’s regulations.